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Our Fruit & Veg lasts longer, saving you money!

It’s true, our produce does last longer! This is a statement we stand by.  Our owner and co-founder Paul visits the Sydney Markets before the crack of dawn and meticulously hand selects all our fruit and vegetables with you in mind.  Unless the produce is of the finest quality and meet our uncompromised standards, it simply will not be put on offer.


This is why we can guarantee our produce stays fresher for longer compared to what you would find at the larger commercial supermarkets.  It’s not by trickery or magic, instead it’s simply because our approach is arduous but basic.  We get in first, we take our time to choose the best and then share the “fruits” (and veggies for the matter) of our labour with you.

Vegetable Shopping

Dedicated to quality & freshness.


"I have been using Cronulla Fruit Fair home delivery service for 11 years.


The quality of the fruit and veg is always fresh and my family are very happy with the overall produce.  The staff have always gone above and beyond to look after me as a client. 


Many years later, I am still extremely satisfied with the service and produce, and cannot compare this level of service elsewhere."

— Anna

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"The quality of Cronulla Gourmet Grocer's fresh produce and deli selections are absolutely amazing. 


The lovely staff over the many years have become friends."

— Sonja



42-44 Cronulla St, Cronulla NSW 2230



Mon - Sun: 7:30am - 5:30pm


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